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  • Natsushi · nicknames are ok!! (my friends call me nacchan)

  • ↳ my alias did not come from natsume enstars, i do not kin

  • Early 20s (Dec. 11) She/They Cambodian (🇰🇭)

  • ISTJ Chaotic Neutral ENG OK + 日本語勉強中

  • i really like yamato nikaido this is personality trait ive had for 7 years

  • Twitter (Main) | Twitter (Genshin only) | Tumblr | AniList | Retrospring

  • opening commissions for carrd layouts eventually so!! :D

  • this looks like shit

Friend Codes 
IDOLiSH7 (JP)377263069
Genshin (NA)619138427
other friend codes... inactivebut feel free to ask!!
  • 11.07.2020 - after the rain 2020 online live

  • 12.30.2020 - amatsuki's one-man live "resfeber"

  • 05.05.2021 - super mafumafu world 2021 @ tokyo dome online

  • 08.01.2021 - world domination ii @ tokyo dome online


IDOLiSH7 (アイドリッシュセブン) ✦✧

TRIGGER ♡ IDOLiSH7, Leader Trio ┋ Myself/Yamato, GakuYama, YamaSou, BanYuki, NagiMina, etc.
↳ yes ive been here too long (may 2016), yes i play the game, yes i may be insane [extended]

Genshin (原神) ✦✧

Yakshas ♡ Old Mondstadt, Liyue, Anemo Liker ┋ XiaoLumi, yes thats it
↳ xiaolumi truther. also, i only tweet about Genshin on my genshin only acc!

Ensemble Stars (あんさんぶるスターズ!!) ✦✧

Eccentric/Oddballs ♡ Switch, Trickstar, Knights ┋ natsuhokke, narumika, izuritsu, idr the rest
↳ i play casually nowadays, on both en and jp. i think emerald planet special is the best beatmap

IDOLiSH7 (アイドリッシュセブン) ✦✧

an extended bio for i7 cause im down bad

  • My main fandom! no, i don't consider myself part of i7twt; i just don't shut the fuck up about yamato 💚

  • I've been playing since early 2016!! ...And I have never really left since lmao. #PreAnimeFan

  • Yamato Nikaido sai-oshi 💚🦀💚 since 2016.5.17

  • also a Yamato Yume! hes the love of my life and i love him lots

  • asides from that im very hako-oshi!! i like everyone and i multi-ship a lot! im pretty much ok with most ships (i do have some i dont particularly like but shhh thats not important)

  • here are other ships i like that i may talk about if prompted: NagiMitsu, IoTama, IoTenn, GakuTenn, GakuRiku, YukiYama-- yeah theres a lot im sorr

  • Always caught up with the Game Story; so I'm not spoiler-free. I would suggest not following if you're an anime-only!

  • I play i7 competitively (and frequently) so I'm rather selective with Friend Requests; but feel free to send one regardless!

  • ah yes i have 4 2020 anni rikus hi

shrine to my beautiful husband 💚

i may mention these in passing, but dont expect frequent tweets about any of these since i've stopped paying active attention to a whole lot of these; the most im expecting from writing out this list is you: "you watched/read that?" me: "ya"Code is the franchise / Bold & Underline is Top Fave / Ships in italics
Some things could be in multiple categories, this is just what I classify them as in my head.
Ships listed here aren't platonic, they're all romantic. (this'd be longer if it were)
im too lazy to finish writing this </3

Games ✦✧

  • IDOLiSH7 - 🦀💚 Yamato Nikaido 💚🦀, Yukito Orikasa, Gaku Yaotome, Minami Natsume, Nagi Rokuya ♡ TRIGGER, IDOLiSH7, Pythagoras Trio, I like everyone tbhMyself/Yamato, GakuYama, BanYuki, NagiMina, YamaSou, NagiMitsu, etc.

Animanga ✦✧

  • a

Media ✦✧

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Other ✦✧

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Before You Follow ✦✧

  • This is my main/personal account. My tweets are more fandom-focused however, multifandom.

  • Spoilers (sometimes hidden), Swearing, Spam (original and RTs), Keysmashes, Livetweets, Yume (self-shipping)

  • I RT/♡ suggestive content, but I won't RT/♡ explicit NSFW. Other than that, I am mainly SFW w/occasional thirst tweets

  • I'm a Yamato Nikaido and Xiao yume (sorry). Sharing is kinda-ok, but if you're hardcore of either I probably won't interact tbh

  • Selective followback; softblock to unfollow. Please don't expect a fast followback or one at all. I'm ok with interaction.

  • I usually only fb if we have shared mutuals and interests sorry

  • Neither "proship" or an "anti". Don't make assumptions about me, I don't know you.

  • Don't Follow If... you do/condone targeted harassment, especially over fictional content. I have zero interest in drama.

  • Otherwise, no DFI. I'll just softblock if I don't like you. Just don't be an asshole or a weirdo lmao.

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in which case i assign all my friends a mafu
because im too lazy to find images